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Ensure your motorcycle's electrical system operates flawlessly with Putoline Contact Cleaner, a powerful, fast-acting formula designed to effectively remove corrosion, oxidation, and other contaminants from electrical contacts, terminals, and connectors.


This high-performance cleaner restores conductivity, preventing electrical faults, misfires, and other performance issues.

Putoline Contact Cleaner (500ml)

    • Professional-grade contact cleaner for motorcycles, scooters, cars, and other vehicles
    • Effectively removes corrosion, oxidation, oil, grease, and grime from electrical contacts, terminals, and connectors
    • Restores conductivity for optimal electrical performance
    • Prevents electrical faults, misfires, and other performance issues
    • Available in a 500ml aerosol can for targeted application
    • Extends the life of electrical components and prevents costly repairs
    • Improves engine starting and overall electrical system performance
    • Eliminates erratic lights, flickering gauges, and other electrical problems
    • Easy to use and safe on a wide range of electrical components
    • Convenient aerosol can format for precise and efficient cleaning
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