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Ensure your motorcycle's carburetor operates at its peak with Putoline Carb Cleaner, a powerful, versatile cleaner specifically designed to effectively dissolve and remove gum, varnish, and other stubborn deposits that can hinder fuel flow and reduce engine performance.


This high-performance formula restores optimal carburetor function, allowing your engine to run smoothly and efficiently.

Putoline Carb Cleaner (500ml)

    • Professional-grade carburetor cleaner for motorcycles, scooters, and other small engines
    • Effectively removes gum, varnish, and other contaminants from carburetors, jets, and throttle bodies
    • Restores optimal fuel flow for improved engine performance
    • Eliminates uneven idling, hesitation, and poor fuel economy
    • Available in a 500ml aerosol can for targeted application
    • Prevents engine damage caused by clogged carburetors
    • Reduces fuel consumption and improves engine responsiveness
    • Easy to use and safe on all types of carburetors and fuel system components
    • Convenient aerosol can format for precise and efficient cleaning
    • An economical 500ml thaqt can provide multiple cleaning sessions
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