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Ensure a secure and comfortable grip on your motorcycle handlebars with Pro-Clean Grip Lock, a high-performance adhesive specifically designed to firmly bond handlebar grips to your motorcycle.


This non-adhesive formula provides a strong hold without leaving any sticky residue, making it easy to install and remove grips when needed.

Pro-Clean Grip Lock (70ml)

    • High-performance adhesive for securing handlebar grips
    • Non-adhesive formula leaves no sticky residue
    • Provides a firm and durable hold
    • Easy to apply and remove
    • Available in a 70ml aerosol can
    • Prevents grips from slipping or rotating during riding
    • Improves riding comfort and control
    • Protects grips from damage caused by movement
    • Easy to apply and remove without damaging grips or handlebars
    • Convenient aerosol can for precise application
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