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Enhance your motorcycle's suspension performance and handling with Motul Fork Oil Light SAE 5W, a high-performance lubricant specifically designed to deliver exceptional damping and responsiveness.


This exceptional fork oil ensures smooth, precise handling, providing riders with unmatched feedback from the chassis, regardless of the terrain or riding conditions.

Motul Fork Oil Light SAE 5W (1 litre)

    • High-performance fork oil for modern fork systems, including Showa, Kayaba, Ohlins, WP, and Solva
    • Lightweight formula for reduced friction and improved fork response
    • Provides exceptional damping performance for smoother handling
    • Excellent resistance to high temperatures and oxidation
    • Available in a 1 litre bottle
    • Elevate your motorcycle's suspension performance to new heights
    • Experience a noticeable improvement in handling and responsiveness
    • Maintain consistent damping performance under all conditions
    • Protect fork seals and internal components from wear and tear
    • Prolong the lifespan of your motorcycle's fork system
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