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Ensure your motorcycle's carburetor operates at its peak with Motul Carbu Clean P1, a high-performance cleaner specifically designed to remove stubborn deposits and varnish from butterfly valves, throttle chambers, nozzles, jets, tanks, and float bowls.


This powerful formula effectively dissolves and dislodges impurities, restoring optimal fuel delivery and improving engine performance.

Motul Carbu Clean P1 (400ml)

    • Specialised carburetor cleaner for motorcycles and other carbureted engines
    • Effectively removes deposits, varnish, and gum from carburetor components
    • Restores optimal fuel delivery and improves engine performance
    • Stabilizes engine idle and reduces fuel consumption
    • Available in a 400ml spray can
    • Improves fuel economy and reduces emissions
    • Extends the life of your carburetor
    • Prevents carburetor-related issues such as stalling and hesitation
    • Easy to use and safe on all types of carburetor components
    • Convenient spray can format for targeted application
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