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Ensure your motorcycle engine receives the clean air it needs with Motul Air Filter Oil Spray A2, a specially formulated lubricant designed to protect and enhance foam air filter performance. This convenient spray format provides easy application and effective filtration, keeping your engine running smoothly and efficiently.

Motul Air Filter Oil Spray A2 (400ml)

    • Specifically developed for foam air filters in off-road, road, and quad bikes
    • Effective dust, mud, and sand retention for extended engine life
    • Prevents water from entering the filter
    • Enhances air filter efficiency for optimal carburetion
    • Blue coloration for easy application
    • Shields your motorcycle engine from harmful airborne contaminants
    • Optimizes air filter function for improved engine performance
    • Reduces engine wear and tear, extending its lifespan
    • Prolongs the life of your air filter, saving you money
    • Ensures smooth and reliable engine operation
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