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Safeguard your motorcycle's engine from the damaging effects of airborne contaminants with Motul Air Filter Oil A3, a high-performance lubricant designed to provide exceptional protection and optimal airflow.


This advanced formula effectively traps dust, mud, and sand, ensuring that only clean air reaches your engine, leading to improved performance and extended engine life.

Motul Air Filter Oil A3 (1 litre)

    • Specially formulated for foam air filters of off-road bikes and ATVs
    • Effectively traps dust, mud, and sand for greater engine durability
    • Prevents water from entering the filter
    • Improves air filter efficiency for better carburation
    • Available in convenient 1 litre bottle
    • Safeguards your motorcycle's engine from harmful airborne particles
    • Enhances air filter efficiency for optimal engine performance
    • Prevents premature engine wear and tear
    • Extends the lifespan of your air filter
    • Ensures smooth and reliable operation, even in challenging environments
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