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Motorex Racing Fork Oil 2.5W is a high-performance fork oil specially developed for modern fork systems with the highest demands. This fork oil provides exceptional damping performance and handling, giving the rider optimum feedback from the chassis - both on and off the roads.

Motorex Racing Fork Oil 2.5W (1 Litre)

    • High-performance fork oil for modern fork systems
    • Exceptional damping performance and handling
    • Optimum feedback from the chassis
    • Suitable for a wide range of motorcycles
    • Available in convenient 1 litre bottle
    • Improves fork performance for smoother and more precise handling
    • Reduces stiction and improves fork responsiveness
    • Provides consistent damping performance under all conditions
    • Protects fork seals and internal components from wear and tear
    • Extends the life of your motorcycle's fork system
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