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Apico Evolite Rear Sprocket: The Ultimate Choice for Motocross, Trials, and Enduro Riders

The Apico Evolite rear sprocket (BN20) is a premium product designed for the most demanding riders. It is manufactured using durable CNC-machined 7075 "Aerospace" grade aluminum, making it both lightweight and strong. This ensures that the sprocket can withstand the rigors of off-road riding, while still being easy to turn.


The Evolite sprocket also features a unique self-cleaning groove that helps to reduce wear on the chain and sprocket. This is achieved by directing dirt and debris away from the contact surfaces of the chain and sprocket, which extends the product's lifespan and reduces the need for maintenance.


In addition to its superior durability and performance, the Apico Evolite rear sprocket is also manufactured to the highest standards by one of the world's leading sprocket manufacturers. This means that riders can be confident that they are getting a product that is built to last.

Apico Rear Sprocket (BN20)

BN20 Colour
    • CNC-machined 7075 "Aerospace" grade aluminum for superior durability and lightweight construction
    • Unique self-cleaning groove to reduce wear and tear and extend product lifespan
    • Manufactured to the highest standards by one of the world's leading sprocket manufacturers
    • Laser-etched Apico logo for a sleek, professional look
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